Moses Jun is an attorney in Dallas, Texas. His law practice consists of personal injury, immigration, bankruptcy, and divorce cases. He has had his own law office for over a decade in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. Every consultation is free and we can go to you if you were involved in a serious car accident

About Moses Jun

Attorney Moses Jun is a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, Texas who has practiced law in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, immigration, bankruptcies and divorce cases in Dallas County, Denton County, Collin County, and Tarrant County for over a decade. He has done litigation in personal injury, immigration, collections, divorces, and immigration cases. He speaks English and Korean. He is admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of the State of Texas and the United States District Court of Northern and Eastern District of Texas.

Attorney Moses Jun recently obtained a jury verdict for his client in the $99,015.00, plus prejudgment interest in the amount of $11,281.96, and court costs in the amount of $6762.97, as a result of a two day jury trial in the Dallas County Court at Law on a car accident that occurred in an indoor parking garage of the Willow Bend shopping mall. The client drove a BMW and waited for a parking space in the Willow Bend shopping mall garage. The other driver, in her SUV, put her car in reverse and backed into the client's car. The property damages to the client's car with supplements were approximately $6,000.00. The other driver's SUV had slight damage to her rear bumper area and never got it repaired. As a result of this car accident, Client was taken by the Plano Fire Department to the Plano Presbyterian hospital and was diagnosed with pain to her right ear, a herniated disc to the neck, and a bulging disc to her lower back. She was recommended for a neck and lower back surgery by an orthopedic specialist. The estimated costs to have surgery to her neck was $44,326.00 and the estimated surgery costs to have surgery to her lower back was $37,908.00. The other driver did not suffer any bodily injuries and did not obtain any medical treatment. The insurance company for the other driver hired three experts to dispute the injuries of the client because it was a parking lot accident. The three experts were: 1) a neurosurgeon; 2) biomechanical expert; and 3) a chiropractor.

All of the other driver's experts tried to convince a jury not to pay the client for the medical expenses that the client incurred. However, the client obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $53,515.00 for medical expenses incurred in the past, $1500.00 for physical pain and mental anguish sustained in the past, and $44,000.00 for medical expenses that in reasonable probability the client will sustain in the future ($44,000.00 was for the estimated costs to have surgery to her neck). Contingency fees pursuant to the retainers agreement between the attorney and client were deducted from the amount of the judgment amount (jury verdict plus prejudgment interest) in the amount of $27,574.23. Court costs in the amount of $6,762.97, also went to the attorney as reimbursement for the attorney's litigation expenses, such as witness fees, filing fees, process server fees and other court costs.

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